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Splende il sole sul Grandicato, ma il freddo ha fatto rintanare tutti ;)

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Lux Loves Kids

My kids love our new home. Why? Because there is plenty of green grass to run around and amazing playgrounds, because someone thought about kids's needs and priorities, because there is a mysterious shipwreck in the middle of the city :) 
Isn't it enough?

Un poco di prato
(Gianni Rodari)

Signori architetti
che fate progetti
di case e palazzi
di torri e terrazzi…
Un poco di prato
l’avete lasciato?
Su, siate gentili:
fate anche i cortili.
Pensateci un poco
ai campi da gioco…
Lasciateci appena
lo spazio, che poi
a far l’altalena
pensiamo da noi:
sarà cura nostra
farci anche la giostra.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Celery is good!

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Have you ever seen someone this happy with a celery stick? :D
Avete mai visto qualcuno più felice di lui sgranocchiando un gambo di sedano? :D
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THIS! Reading or writing, either way a good banter is the bomb ;) #writerlife #books #lifeisgood #banter

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‘You know what’

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Why registration plates in Luxembourg have black characters on a #yellow background?

I'm back! Actually, I'm gone.

Ten years ago my husband and I were two enthusiastic expat, then we moved to Italy (my country) and had two kids. Last year we discussed a lot about our future and the future of our little ones and made a decision. Long story short, we are now far away from our own countries. Expats again. 

Life is going to be interesting, especially with two boys in school and abrupt language switching among Italian, Spanish, French and German. Yup! We landed in the little, green, rich melting pot called Luxembourg ;)

Stay tuned and enjoy our questions and remarks!
However, I guess that sometimes there just won't be an answer ;)