Sunday, November 27, 2011


So, here I am after a lot of days. I spent most of my time with my two kids and testing my new kitchen :D
Since we moved I have a complete new big  kitchen and enough time to test new and old recipes.
Last week for a little party I brushed up my German Raspberry Cake recipe, unfortunately I couldn't find fresh or frozen raspberries so I had to do a little modification choosing a Berries Mix... Well it is the last of  my variations at the original  Himbeertorte recipe I found in the Web ;P First I changed the base to a softer one, than I opted for a creamy Greek yogurt for the white layer and finally flavored the jelly with fresh fruits.
However if someone is interested to my Cake I will post the recipe ;P

Actually, I love this cake. My favourite is the version that you can savour at Café Chamäleon in Stuttgart (Germany), unfortunately they not share the recipe of their fabulous cake, so I tried to reproduce a simpler version working with my memories :-)  If you have the possibility to spend some hours in Stuttgart look for this bakery, a visit to their shop is worthy :P

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