Wednesday, June 5, 2013

NYC fairy tales

In the past week I read two amazing  books settled in NYC. They are two completely different romantic stories, one, Rita Hayworth's Shoes, is a classic Cinderella tale, the other, Sweet Thing, is a bitter sweet one.
I liked both, but truly loved the second.
Corner Cafe | West Village, New York City, NY
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Sweet Thing is a brilliant debut novel and kept me awake until I turned the last page (virtually). I found myself invested in Mia and Will story from the beginning (Plus. The prologue caught me instantly, I just came back from a little trip with my two kids ;-P). I genuinely cared about them and their relationship. I won't tell you about them, because you need to see how Mia grow up along the book, suffering with her for her bad decisions and cheering for her good ones.
Fortunately Will is one of those people able to walk on the sunny side of the street, whatever life throws at him. Even a very confused soul mate :-D

Rita Hayworth's Shoes has a nice magic twist that gives the story the right momentum. It's the perfect reading for a relaxing moment.

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