Monday, January 16, 2012


How to finish "in bellezza" a good meal? Drink a frozen shot of Limoncello!
I love this bitter-sweet liqueur, but after I tasted the "home made" version I cannot drink industrial bottles anymore.
The secret for a good Limoncello is in lemons' peel, choose biological  fruits with a powerful aroma an succes is granted!
The recipe is simple:
2 kg lemons
1 kg sugar
1 lt pure alcool 90°
2 lt water

The lemons have to been washed and the peeled into thin strips, carefully eliminating the thick white pith below which can give the liqueur an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. The peel than has to be steeped in pure alcohol for a week. Then, add water-sugar syrup to the mixture and filter before storage.
Wait a couple of week before drinking the liqueur, in order to let the ingredients mix them completely.
If you want to make a self-made present for your friends pick up a fine bottle and decorate it with a cute label that remember to taste it chilled!

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