Monday, January 30, 2012

Australian week

Hi everyone,
unfortunately I didn't spent my last week preparing ANZAC biscuits, but caring my boys that had the current flu called Australian :/
Now that they're getting better I'm back.
I'll start this week showing you my last experiment: home made bread :D
I know that for a perfect bread I've to use a natural Leaven, but trapped in my kitchen by the flu I had to use my reserve of commercial Baker's yeast.
The result was pretty good, the loaf was fluffy and tasted delicious. I tried two version Pane alle olive and Pane alle erbe aromatiche, unfortunately the first was gone before I could take some pictures :P

My recipe:

300 gr all purpose flour
100 gr bread flour
100 gr Manitoba flour
300 ml water
3 tb-spoon olive oil
1 sachet yeast
A bounch of herbs (rosemary, sage, thymian,  ecc...) 
100 gr olives

All recipes suggest to let leaven the dough for a couple of hours before kneading it again. In my case it wasn't enough, so I let it rise an other hour, than I formed two loaves.

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