Friday, February 10, 2012


Yesterday my husband came back from Germany and brought back those delicious Bretzel

We lived in the south of the Country several years and of course, we became addicted to some German things. Actually I miss so much their Bäckerei with so many breads and cakes.
I never tried to bake them, than if I could find a nice receipt in the www I'll post it with my result ;P
For the moment I cook a German dinner with Wurst and Potato salad, here my tested receipt:

Klassisch Schwäbisch Kartoffelnsalat
1 kg Potatoes
A small sweet onion
4-5 tbsp Vinegar
4-5 tbsp Olive oil
125 ml warm Stock
1 tsp Mustard
Salt & pepper
Boil potatoes with their peel. Chop the onion in very small pieces, add salt and vinegar and let the mix apart. When the potatoes are ready let them warm,  than peel them and slice in small pieces. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and let rest the salad for minimun a couple of hours. You can serve it warm or cold, it tastes delicious in both way.

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