Thursday, February 2, 2012

Italian Journey

My husband challenged me, I've to prepare dinner for a friend of his coming from the other side of the planet and let him taste some real Italian home made food.
No problem at all, except I've too many recipes in mind! Would someone give me some advices?

As appetizer I'll make something classic. I think that Prosciutto and Salame with a cheeses' selection could be fine.
The dessert is an other Must: Tiramisù.  
But in the middle?! Actually I'm oriented to do one of those:
  1. Lasagne
  2. Strozzapreti alla Norcina and Arista al forno 
  3. Pasta alla Norma and Rotolo di Vitello
 Any preference?


  1. Passa a trovarmi, c'è un pensierino per te!
    Spero ti faccia piacere.

    1. Bellissimo, ora devo solo trovare il tempo di scrivere il post :D