Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Spring is finally coming. After three week of grey sky, clouds and rain yesterday we finally saw the sun! So my mood abruptly change and I decided to come out of my cave (=kitchen!).
In the last few days I cooked and baked as usual, but I also started experimenting with Sugarpaste. No need to say that my first results are unappealing :/
Modelling sugarpaste is working good. The big issue consist in covering a cake with a smooth and uniform sugarpaste layer. I need exercise, indeed...
Last Friday I finished my little stock of sugarpaste, but I had a lot of cake and filling, so I decided to make some deconstructured cakes to eat at supper. At the end they were prettier than the decorated cake :-)
Sponge cake soaked in strawberry syrup, with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate ganaché.

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