Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dinner for everyone, also our toddler

Kid2 is now 1 year old and has only 3 teeth, but very hard gums. So I'm trying to prepare a dinner that doesn't need to be blended and tastes good for the whole family. 
Yesterday I prepared Meatloaf and sweet peas, very successful :-P 
500 gr ground Beef
60 gr ground Parmigiano
1 large egg
1 dried Roll
1/4 cup milk

Cut the dried roll in pieces and dip it with milk.  After 15 minutes add all the other ingredients and mix very well.  Take a big Alu-foil and model the loaf in the centre. Close it as a candy wrap and put in a pot with a cup of broth.
Cook it gently for 20 minutes, than remove the Alu-foil and le the loaf form a soft crust.

Sweet peas:
400 gr frozen sweet peas
100 gr chopped Prosciutto
1/4  chopped Onion
1 cup Broth
3 tbs Olive Oil

In a medium pan add oil and onion, than cook it gently for a couple of minutes. Add the chopped prosciutto and stir it well for one other minute. Add the frozen peas and the broth, cover and let the peas stew gently (lower flame) until they are cooked (at least 30-40 minutes) 


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