Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stars playing hide and seek. Antonio you're busted!

I watched this commercial a lot of times. Today though, I decided is time to speak about it. Because, it's one of the dumbest thing someone broadcast and the world has to know it! Why should only Italians have the opportunity to laugh?
I tell you, because Antonio is ashamed. 
Do you think he's caring about the fact his having a conversation with a hen called Rosita? Or because he needs money and he's doing a commercial for the biggest Italian cookie firm? I guess the latter.  
Wanna know what he's telling the chicken? A great secret! He's playing the genius backer that invented light cookies (low fat, low carbs, and so on) cooked with a steam process. 
I've to say that I love Mulino Bianco cookies. They're lovely and omni-presents in my pantry. What I don't like are those commercials series with international stars that nobody needs. I mean, they could have taken a perfect John Doe to make the commercial. Why Banderas? Except he needs money and he's hiding in the Italian television to make it.
Am I mean? I don't think so. However you should be right, I'm affected by PMS this morning.

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