Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home Made Chocolate Ice-Cream

 Coming back from the kindergarten Kid1 and I were discussing which kind of ice-cream should we prepare for the evening. He immediately discarded frozen-yogurt and plain Vanilla. He let me choose between Lemon and chocolate. Since I didn't have enough lemons in my fruit basket I had to give up and go for the chocolate. 
 Truth be told, Kid1 was the one who suggested to add some fresh fruit into our bowl in order to make the chocolate ice-cream healthier :-)

200gr Dark chocolate (60-70%)
60 gr Sugar
125 ml cream
250 ml milk

Warm half the milk and add it on top of the finely chopped chocolate, add sugar and mix well with a hand blender. Add the remaining milk and cream to the mixture. Stir well with a spoon until all ingredients are completely dissolved. Pour the mix in the ice cream maker (I've a Gelataio SIMAC) and wait until the ice cream is fluffy (Almost half an hour for me).
Decor your ice-cream as you wish. Today we used fresh strawberries and apricots :-)

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