Saturday, May 18, 2013

I took a day off

Yesterday I took a day off from running behind my boys and (Thanks to the In-laws) went to visit the International Fair Books in Turin. It was my first time and I candidly thought that there I would have found lots of new treasures and lovely people who would have answered my strange questions.

After one hour I was pissed off and I felt cheated. I mean, I didn't drive 200km to find a mere mega store. All the bigger publishers were there in the middle of the main pavilion with shops, not bookstores, full of hard cover versions of their big hits. Mostly all the same stuff you can find in the main isle at FNAC divided for publisher and not for genre.

I asked a couple of questions and soon gave up. The shop assistants were only kids hired for the event. I mean, I asked a guy if he knew how I can jump to a selected page on a Kindle Paperwhite (I've the classic version)  and he told me he wasn't there to sell them... I asked another girl at what time I would have found Peppa Pig at her corner (I knew a couple of her little fans who would have appreciated a pic ;-P) and she shrugged. She knew only that  the 6 feet high pink puppet, I saw walking through the corridors, was still working o_O

The small publishers were nice and friendly, but  I'm not into Nobel Prize literature, or New Age literature, or niche market literature, therefore I didn't have so many question to ask them.

By the way exploring the Fair I visited the cooking publishers corner and found my favorite Maestro Pasticciere, Maurizio Santin, presenting his book.

He made my day :-D One way or the other, chocolate is an effective cure for bad mood and his fabulous dessert will be soon tested and commented here :-)

Here my signed copy :-)

I'm trying to  upload a short video of his show, sooner or later it will be here. I'm still fighting with my new smartphone at the moment ;-)

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