Monday, August 12, 2013

The summer of lost and found friends

I'm back. My summer thus far has been pretty great. But not because I spent only few days at home ;-) Truth be told we went on holiday and during our trip we visited some amazing places, some old, some new. But what made it a great time was the people I met. People I love.
I'm a lucky girl. I've a family I love, that had spoiled us rotten while we visited them, and I've old friends I love, which I met after a long long time.

Since this post has been inspired by long lasting friendships I'm going to to tell you what make me feel "refueled" in positive energy. Sounds too new-age? Cheesy? Hum, what about happy? Okay. Happy is fine.
Thing 1 that made me happy, the 20 years reunion with my old high school pals.
In the last two decades I met some of them, but lost trace of their lives. I know. I know, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook for this reason. Actually, he did it to score chicks (according to the movie The Social Network), but nobody can deny FB is great for looking for lost contacts.
So, when one of the guys gathered the old group I went gladly. Truth be told I didn't know what to expect from the party. What I had was a fantastic night spent laughing till we cried, exchanging living and parenting experiences, confiding dreams and watching old pictures. That's why we laughed so much ;-) Think about the early 1990s and you can imagine why (Pictures'll never follow)!
Thing 2, my return trip from my hometown.
 Coming back home I made a couple of stops to see some of my University friends. We try to see each other at least once a year and we're keeping in touch regularly. But even from this bunch of guys came great news! 
Plus, it's so sweet watching our kids playing together. I get mushy all the time :-)
Thing 3, the visit of an old adventure's companion.
We didn't see each other for more than a decade, but with her I spent my most adventurous holiday, evah! Six girls (Four Italians and two Brit) in an old Ford van (I was the designed driver! And I'd never driven on the "wrong side" before) traveling along narrow Galles' roads, camping in an old tent, cooking with only a pan and a pot, drinking stout and ale in suggestive pubs, swimming in the ice cold waters of the Cardigan bay... Crazy ladies, indeed ;-)

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