Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to prepare yourself for a meltdown.

Yeah, meltdown not marathon. It isn't a typo, you read right.
After a long time on my to-be-read-list I finally made my mind about one of the most acclaimed book of 2012 and I'm going to read soon The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I've the feeling I'd like this book even if it will make me cry (Tissues ready).

Why did I wait so long? Because you've to be in the right mood to read a story about cancer and teenagers, even if there is love involved. 
So, here I am almost ready to turn TFiOS first page, but not before I read a couple of reassuring (The last novels in two of my favorite series), charming (Cool main charaters), predictable (HEA granted) books. That's my way to prepare to suffer and sympathize with Hazel and Augustus.

If you're interested in "films from books" a couple of days ago in Pittsburgh a troupe started filming the movie. You can catch up with the work in progress through John Green on twitter @realjohngreen or on his web page John Green

No review will follow. Maybe I'll keep trace of the number of tissues I'm going to use. Sniff. sniff.

Update 1st September 2013 - This is not a review.
This book is heartbreakingly marvelous. Mr Green is a freaking genius. And I cried, and sobbed and felt real pain in my chest... Mr Green sucked me in the story, trapped me there letting me suffer with all the living. He'd awakened my biggest fear: seeing one my kids sick. I should hate him for that, instead I admire him. 

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