Friday, April 5, 2013

Goldrake, 35 years ago...

Today in the newspaper website I read an article that at first made me think "Crap. I'm old. 35 years ago?" Then evoked a lot of good feelings, because it was about my favorite cartoon, evah :-)
Tell me which is your favorite cartoon and I'll tell you who you are...

Mine is this

As a child I was totally in love with Goldrake. Not the robot per se. I was in love with his pilot, Actarus (So tormented and beautiful. *Sigh*), the family drama (i.e. The arrival of the lost sister), the love stories, the epic battles (Good vs Evil, in alien form) and the song. So catchy that became an evergreen. One of those songs that DJs choose to warm a party's atmosphere, just after Y.M.C.A., and before Mamma Mia :-)
I saw a couple of episodes with kid1 once, but he wasn't impressed. The graphic is poor (It's a 35 years cartoon, after all) and he didn't appreciate the drama. But I felt the same pang in the chest I  experienced as a kid, when I run home from the  kindergarten to watch my favorite show on the second channel.

Goldrake, 35 anni a difesa della Terra - Video - Corriere TV

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  1. Anch'io amavo tantissimo Glodrake, grazie per averlo ricordato!!! debs,