Friday, April 12, 2013


This morning I received a gift from my friend Chiara, she gave me the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD :-)
Chiara and I met on a social forum years ago and managed to see each other in person only one time, three and a half years ago when we visited Holland. We share a lot in common and I consider her one of the best person I met through the web.

What's the award?
I found a nice definition in an other blog "Liebster Award is no real award. There are no judges, no special rules. No website with an official team to congratulate you and hold your hand. It's mostly what you want it to be. If you receive the award, you can 1) accept it and 2) pass it along. It's that easy"

How does it work?
 According to the rules of the Liebster Award, I am to answer 11 questions posed at Chiara website, choose 11 people to whom I will pass on this honor, and then make up 11 more questions which the new recipients must then in turn answer. I've  clearly thanks Chiara for the nominee and tell her I wrote this post. Piece of cake, eh?
So, her we go...

My answers to Chiara's questions
  1. Pane integrale o bianco? / White or Whole bread?  --> Integrale/Whole
  2. Pasta o riso? / Pasta or rice? --> Pasta
  3. Per cosa patiresti la fame piuttosto che mangiarla? / What are you never gonna eat (better starving)?  --> Escargot
  4. Cosa ti piace di piu' cucinare? / What's your favorite things to cook?  --> Adoro usare il forno / I love baking.
  5. Quale ingrediente vorresti usare di piu' in cucina? / Which ingredient would you like to you use more in your cooking?  Spezie, con due bimbi devo usarle con moderazione / Spices, because with two kids I've to be cautious
  6. E l'ingrediente di cui non potresti fare a meno? / The ingredient you will never be able to renounce --> Non so / Dunno o_O
  7. Cosa non manca mai nel tuo frigo? / What's the ingredient always present in your fridge? Uova, latte, yogurt / Eggs, milk, yogurt
  8. E nella dispensa? / And in the pantry? Caffé, zucchero e farina / Coffee, sugar, Flour
  9. Caffe' o the'? Che domanda Chiara! Assolutamente Caffè ;-) / COFFEE!
  10. Cosa metti nel panino per un pranzo al volo? What do you choose for a last minute sandwich? Quel che c'è in frigo / whatever I found in the fridge.
  11. E il tuo dolce preferito?/ your favorite dessert? Himbeertorte
 Now, eleven things you don't know about me.
  1. As a very little child I would like to be a firefighter (Grisù pensaci tu!)
  2. My favorite flower is the violet.
  3. I read a lot of romantic books, but my husband says I'm not a romantic person. Maybe.
  4. I wear always flats, but I would like to be able to walk with very high heels.
  5. I love swimming.
  6. I can drive a car with a stick and I'm pretty good at it.
  7. I love breakfast (More likely drinking my long, dark, hot coffee) in bed, but with two little kids it's a very dangerous activity :-S
  8. I love wearing my glasses.
  9. I hate lenses.
  10. I can't drink milk.
  11. That's my secret... I crave for COMMENTS to my posts :-) Pleeeeeeeeeeese, leave a comment sometimes. Even a Hello :-)
And now,  my eleven question for the next receiver
  1. What's your favorite moment connected with your blog?
  2. What inspires you writing posts?
  3. The three adjectives your partner uses the most to describe you?
  4. White wine or  red wine?
  5. Keanu Reaves or Bred Pitt? 
  6. If you have to choose a completely different theme for a post (In your blog), what would you like to talk about?
  7. Pick a movie. Can you describe the story in ten words?
  8. What's your favorite street food?
  9. Do you have a goal for your blog?
  10. Did you ever pick a book ONLY for its cover?
  11. I wish I was... What?
Last but not least the new winners!

Lucia  - Look at her amazing pictures. I'm fascinated with her work.
Samantha Stroh Bailey - I first read her book and loved it. Then I contacted her for my *very secret project* and found out she's lovely as well.
Jul's kitchen - Take your time to visit this wonderful blog. I'm enchanted by her pictures. (PS: she has also the English version look on the top-right corner)

Melody Simmons - I don't know her, but her home page is amazing, but wait to see her works.
Nancy Scanlon  - A new blogger with a nice touch of delicacy in her post.
Debs brand new blog. Best wishes!
 I don't know how many followers they have but I like to pin also two of my favorite blogs:
The Food Dept  - I love how they present food.
Home Sick Texan - Texmex food

I think it's all for the moment :-)


  1. I found something else we share: I also can't drink milk :-)

  2. I loved these answers! I haven't had coffee in bed for years. Sigh. And I can only drink milk in my coffee. :) I am so touched that you've nominated me and said such wonderful things. I've already been nominated and have done this or I would absolutely do it. But thanks so much, and I am excited about your "secret project"!