Monday, April 8, 2013


Somewhere in my granny warehouse there's a big box filled with my postcards' collection. I can't remember their exact number. There are hundreds of them. Italians and internationals,  posted or simply bought during my journeys, regular or fancy, and so on. But in the last decade I stopped collecting them. 
First, because they're getting old. Do you notice that the few available have the same pictures taken in the last century? Look at the cars, people clothes or the flower beds. Sometimes they are even printed in the XX sec. o_O  
Second, the new mobile-phones had killed the spirit of a postcard. Now you can take a picture, live, add your own line and press the sent button. In few seconds the *addressee* would be able to look, read and even answer the message.  
So, this evening I did  my own postcard with a picture taken yesterday  afternoon during a walk by the see... I send it to everybody is passing through this space.         
XOXOXO  Silvia

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