Thursday, November 14, 2013

HEA against all odds

HEA blurb: A dark haired, good looking (GQ level), Billionaire met a feisty Redhead  in front of the organic vegetables stand at a local farm market and BANG! They have a blond, chubby baby with blue eyes.

Q.Nr.1 - Do you know that RED HAIR occurs only on approximately in 1-2% of the human population?  So, between 70 and 140 million people around the world have red hair. Aaaand Northern European countries have a greater proportion of redheads than anywhere else in the world... 

Are you wondering why I'm ranting about RED HAIR? I'm gonna tell you.
I'm too lazy to go back and count them but believe me, I read a lot of books which heroines have STRAWBERRY BLOND, GINGER, RED, FLAMING hair.
So I wandered, is the redhead troublemaker - totally cliché - appeal or Julianne Moore sex appeal that induced so many authors to go for one of the rarest female combinations?
I've no answer. Today the engineer in me took over and I'm simply looking for numbers ;)

Q.Nr.2 - Do you know how many Billionaires are there in the world?
According to Forbes there are 1426 Billionaires (Men and women) and 2/3 live in Europe or U.S. Unfortunately Forbes didn't tell us how many are male, good looking exemplars under the age of 35. I had a look at some pictures and with an optimistic approximation I'd say we can count them on the fingers of one hand, Mark Zuckerberg included. AND, even if he is supersmart I won't define him a GQ model ;) (Mark, please! Don't get angry with me and shut down my FB page).
Poor David is a simple Millionaire
If you want  to know why authors are now writing about Billionaires and not Millionaires, well my only answer is INFLATION.

Q.Nr.3 - Do you know Gregor Mendel's peas tale? 

No? What were you doing when your Science teacher was explaining the basic principles of genetics? I'm not going to explain the principles of biologic  inheritance now (Wikipedia and Google are stuffed with data) I'm going to say that there are dominant and recessive traits in our DNA and is highly improbable that our dark Billionaire and sweet Redhead have a cherubin.

Conclusion: HEA exist! But it is more credible a story about
  •  a dark firefighter/lawyer/engineer that mets 
  • a dark blond (with highlights ;P) nurse/teacher/librarian and that 
  • the HEA couple has a chubby toddler with chestnut, curly hair and chocolate eyes ;)

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