Monday, November 25, 2013


It was time to make some decisions.

I just piled five bags full of old clothes near the door. This morning I told myself that I couldn't keep procrastinating the inevitable: my wardrobe needed to be cleaned. ASAP.

Why now? I don't know. I've six more months before my 40th birthday. I'm stuck at the same weight for more than a year. I hadn't a mid-life crisis. I don't plan to change my style in the near future. I feel the same. 
But I needed to free myself from my very old clothes. Now.

And just for the records, two years ago when we moved here I threw away lots of old stuff. Evidently I didn't a radical job, since this morning I discarded more small t-shits for the 90ties, old pants which style and color I'll never wear again, faded clothes, my last pair of Levis... But I'm still keeping two pairs of favorites jeans with holes. I know I should tell them goodbye but they are my favorites! I can't put them in the trash bin. Maybe I can patch them...
Perfect shades of Blue

Why did I keep all those things stuffed behind the white sliding door of my wardrobe? Dunno. It's beyond my comprehension. 
I didn't get sentimentally attached to them. I don't care about them as much as the outfit I was wearing when my husband saw me for the first time; the dress he gave to me for our first anniversary; the expensive, blue leather coat my dad got for me because he knew I was crazy about it; my beloved shantung suit 60s style... Those things are guarded in clean bags even if I'd never wear them again (I've to lose 20 pounds if I want to do it again and I'm not on a diet at the moment :/ )

So, today I finally get rid of useless outfits and my wardrobe is neat and orderly. I'm happy :-)

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