Saturday, November 9, 2013

The right atmosphere for a book club night

Do you want to know why a book lover dreams to find the right book club?
Here 16 good reasons about being in a book club

Now, I found my secret dream team and a few weeks ago I had a very good time dissecting our first "book of the month" with the ladies. It was so good that I'm looking forward for round two.

I don't know my pals in person or what they do for a living. Ah. I don't even know where they live (All around the globe is the best way to locate us ;p).  But we have two things in common: we love reading and we love a particular book. And that particular book bounded us.

This afternoon I was reading a food magazine when one of the ladies posted an off topic (= not related to the book of the month) message and I started dreaming of a 'book-of-the-month + only-girls-night' party.

I  wish it would be my garden

The logistic rules against us and, unless we don't  find our Scotty (You know that guy with a red shirt? "Beam me up, Scotty!" sounds a bell?), we would only meet in the WWW ^_^
Next time we're going to discuss a paranormal mystery romance (With a *touch* of humor) and drink wine. Yep. Have you read the article above? No, then go!
One of the advantage of a book club is the wine tasting. The two things are indissolubly connected. Red (our group prefer red) wine and highly witty conversation is a combination as good as raspberry and chocolate. Orgasmicntastic :D

November Mystery Paranormal Menu

 Little Bruschetta with diced tomatoes and basil
Little Bruschetta with sautéed mushrooms 

Caciotta cheese with organic Acacia Honey
Parmigiano cheese with Pear Jam
Pecoriono cheese with Tropea Red Onions confiture

My Pumpkin soup

Santin's Chocolate Raspberry Ganache
[Recipe will follow soon ;)]

I hope one day someone will pick up a regency romance as 'book of the month'. I never read one and I'm dreaming to organize a tea party :-)

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